Building Code Enforcement

Anyone within our jurisdiction who is planning any type of construction, moving a manufactured home or any other structure on their property, will need to obtain a permit from the Rapides Area Planning Commission.

This includes adding on to an existing structure or remodeling, The permitting process originated in ACT 12 of the first extraordinary session of 2005 implemented the first statewide residential building codes, the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code. (R.S. 40:1730.22) The state uniform construction code establishes uniform performance standards providing reasonable safeguards for health, safety, welfare, comfort, and security balanced with affordability for the residents of this state who are occupants and users of buildings and provides for the use o f modern methods, devices, materials, and techniques. New construction, additions, mobile homes, accessory buildings, and other projects that constitute “new development” must also adhere to the appropriate development regulations established by the governing jurisdiction, which may include additional fees for review and coordination with other local, state, or federal agencies.  The development fee calculator for unincorporated Rapides Parish is provided below on this page.


On this page you will find the information on how to obtain permits issued by the Rapides Area Planning Commission along with other information to help you through the permit process.


Before any of the steps below can be taken you must first have an Address. Information on obtaining an address can be found by clicking here. You will also need to have a Development Permit. There are additional requirements if you are in a Flood Zone.   

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Home Improvement Registration: The Louisiana Legislature enacted Act No. 1146 which requires all residential improvement contractors who perform work on a residence in an amount of $7,500 and above to register with the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors. If there are questions concerning this matter, please contact Ms. Bertha Jenkins, Supervisor of the Residential Licensing Division at (225-765-2301)

Licensing: The Louisiana Legislature enacted Act 724 which requires that the building permit applicant produce proof that he possesses an active, applicable contractor's license, or that the proposed building activity is exempt from such licensure. If claiming an exemption for residential construction, the applicant must execute an affidavit attesting to the claimed exemption on a form provided by the Licensing Board. If there are questions concerning this matter, please contact Charles G. Marceaux, Executive Director at (225-765-2601, ext 221)

For more information on licensing and registration through the State Contractors Board, please visit Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors (LSLBC)

Have you obtained your certification through the Department of Revenue? For further information, visit Louisiana Department of Revenue Licensing Board of Contractors