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What is vanpooling?

A vanpool is a prearranged group of 5 to 15 people who share their commute. The group enjoys a low monthly fare and a comfortable commute in an 8, 12, or 15 passenger van, usually provided by a local transit authority, nonprofit group or employer. Members - usually coworkers or people who work in the same vicinity - volunteer to drive, fuel, clean and schedule maintenance and repair for the van.

What are the benefits of vanpooling?

Commuting in a vanpool reduces wear and tear on your checkbook, nerves and car. Vanpooling offers other benefits, such as more personal or work time, possible subsidy with tax benefits, the potential to bike and vanpool, and preferential parking. Your transit system or employer may offer an emergency ride home program.

What are drivers' responsibilities?

Picking up and delivering of passengers, safely and on time

Collecting fares and submitting report paperwork

Fueling the van

Keeping the van clean

Taking the van for scheduled preventive maintenance, unscheduled maintenance and repairs

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